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Specialists in installing ventilation for residential and commercial properties in Bournemouth, Poole & Southampton

We Specialise in Positive Input Ventilation

Welcome to PIV Direct. We specialise in installing ventilation for residential and commercial properties in Bournemouth, Poole & Southampton. If you’ve suffered from indoor mould or condensation, it’s vital that you find a solution. Ventilation is the key to stopping these problems at the source.

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We install Positive Input Ventilation for commercial properties

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With years of experience installing ventilation in Bournemouth properties, PIV Direct provide a professional and friendly service from start to finish.

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How Positive Ventilation Units Create Healthy Indoor Air

Positive input ventilation (PIV) systems are the best way to improve indoor air quality. Instead of stale, damp air, you’ll have fresh and filtered air circulating at all times!

Your new PIV system will be installed in a loft or on a wall in your home or building. It is connected to a distribution diffuser in the ceiling, which continually brings in fresh, clean, filtered air and creates a gentle positive pressure indoors. This displaces and replaces the indoor air, preventing dampness from settling throughout your home or building.

With the air being continually diluted and filtered, you will quickly rid your home or business of mould spores, pollen, VOCs and other indoor pollutants. You will also experience lower humidity levels, which will prevent future mould growth. When your air quality is up to par, you’ll notice a difference – especially if you have hay fever or asthma sufferers inhabiting the space.

PIV Units Reduce Mould and Condensation for Good


Damp homes or buildings can quickly get mouldy. This is a problem because it frequently leads to respiratory problems, including allergies and asthma. Mould can also produce toxic substances and harm your immune system. It often requires professional removal and can be difficult to resolve, so you need to stop it in its tracks before it spreads throughout your home or building.


Condensation is common in homes or buildings that have high humidity levels. When the air can no longer support the level of moisture trapped inside, you’ll often see condensation forming on windows or other surfaces. This is especially prevalent in period homes with no DPC (damp-proof course) and in any structure with inadequate ventilation and it can quickly lead to mould.

Have questions about PIV or Positive Input Ventilation?

Frequently Asked Questions About Positive Input Ventilation

How do I operate the Unit
When your unit was installed, it would be have been set up to meet the requirements of your home. Unless filters need changing or the unit needs to be maintained, minimal interaction is required, and you can leave the unit alone to ventilate your home trouble-free.
How does the eco-heat work?

Eco-Heat introduces a continuous supply of fresh, filtered air into the home - improving indoor air quality and removing harmful air pollutants such as NO2 from car fumes and industrial processes. This technology also alleviates the buildup of condensation, which can eventually lead to damp and mould growth.

How much does an eco-heat cost to run?

To run the unit, electrical consumption would (typically) be 6p per day.

What maintenance is required?

To maintain the optimum performance of your Eco-Heat the filters must be kept clean and clear. The light on the diffuser of your unit will let you know when filters need changing.

• 2xe PM 10 filters should be visually checked every. 2 years and changed every 5 years at a minimum. The unit display will show the letter ‘C’ once this time has elapsed.

• Change carbon filters every 2 years, failure to do so may impair the performance and efficiency of thisunit.

The replacement filters will arrive in re-usable packaging with a prepaid returns label to return the used filters. These filters are then disposed of by a professional waste to energy company as our commitment to our Green Credential policy. We recommend appropriate Personal Protective Equipment (PPE) should be worn during this process. Precautions may also be needed to protect the surrounding area from excess carbon residue. Please wash hands thoroughly after handling the carbon filters. Please take note of the product code stated on the unit when ordering replacement filters. Refer to the I&M for instructions on how to replace the filter and reset this function. Refer to Installation and Maintenance Instructions for disposal information.

Where Can Positive Input Ventilation Systems Be Installed?

Our energy-friendly ventilation systems can be quickly and easily installed in a wide variety of locations, including older homes, new builds, flats, basements and more. No matter the size or layout, we can create a tailor-made solution to your ventilation problems.

If you live in a period home that is prone to dampness, especially when someone is bathing or cooking, you’re not alone – many households have experienced the same issues. We can set up a PIV system with minimal fuss so you can experience drier, cleaner air indoor.

PIV is also ideal for new builds and continues to be a very popular ventilation method for brand-new developments, both residential and commercial. This BBA certified ventilation method is exceptionally affordable to install, operate, and maintain.

Flats, apartments and basements can also benefit from a PIV unit, and we provide units specifically designed for these applications. Whether it’s a new build or a retrofit application, PIV Direct has the expertise to plan and install the ideal ventilation solution.

All PIV units will provide a consistent flow of fresh, filtered air. Some have additional features, such as a low-energy heater to maintain a comfortable air temperature, or wireless controls and sensing units. We’ll guide you to the right unit for your needs and your budget.