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Powerful ventilation solutions and expert installation services

PIV Direct began when Dorset Electrical Solutions and Daylight Energy Ltd joined forces with a goal of installing energy-efficient, safe, reliable ventilation solutions in homes all over the UK. Today, we continue to deliver significant savings and excellent air quality to residential and commercial settings.

Providing Healthier Air Quality

At PIV Direct, we care about the health of our community and we know that indoor air quality can be a problem. We can help you reduce condensation and mould in your home or commercial building with our superior ventilation systems. With proper ventilation, you’ll have no more problems with dampness in your home or business! 

Helping You Save Money

Healthy, clean air should be accessible to everyone. We aim to make it as affordable as possible to install a new ventilation unit in your home. By bridging the gap between the manufacturer and the supply chain, we can offer excellent service at a competitive price. We also focus on low energy consumption, which saves energy costs while helping the environment. 

Expert Troubleshooting and Professional Service

We aren’t just committed to providing clean air at a low cost. At PIV Direct, we are also committed to excellent service in everything we do. Our friendly, reliable local team is always here to answer your questions and troubleshoot any issues that may arise. Don’t hesitate to contact us – we’re here to help!

More About the Positive Input Ventilation Product

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Why do we need Positive Input Ventilation?

According to the British Lung Foundation, indoor air pollution can be caused by poor ventilation and damp, among other things. They also recommend improving air quality by “keeping your home well-aired, preventing condensation and monitoring the temperature”. Air pollution can increase your risk of various health conditions including asthma, pneumonia and lung cancer.

What is (PIV) Ventilation?

Ventilation is the intentional introduction of outdoor air into a space and is mainly used to control indoor air quality by diluting and displacing indoor pollutants; it can also be used for purposes of thermal comfort or dehumidification. Positive Input Ventilation or PIV Systems work by encouraging the movement of air from inside to outside from a unit that is usually installed in a loft. These units reduce or eliminate surface condensation altogether by replacing humid stagnant air with fresh filtered air.

Positive Input Ventilation (PIV) also sometimes known as positive pressure ventilation work as a whole house ventilation system and create fresh and healthy living environments by supplying fresh, filtered air into a property at a continuous rate throughout. 

PIV is required when:

 You don’t want to do a full renovation.

 You require a whole house ventilation solution.

 You don’t want to remove any walls or go back to brickwork.

How does PIV work?

There are various types of PIV. The Drimaster-Eco range is Dorset Electrical Solutions’s market-leading product created for 2 and 3 storey homes with loft. The Flatmaster is developed for flats, apartments and basements. These easy to install and maintain ranges are also economical and cost effective, making them the perfect solution for both brand-new developments and retrofit applications.

Why do we need Positive Input Ventilation?

A consistent flow of fresh and filtered air is circulated into the home which decreases moisture level and prevents dripping windows and black mold patches from developing. It is great for asthma patients and allergy-sufferers as it produces a dry, allergen-free setting suitable for them. Hay fever sufferers also benefit as the G4 grade filters are fine enough to prevent pollen from going into the house.

How does PIV work?

Located in the loft space, with a small vent in the ceiling, the virtually inaudible unit filters and recirculates air around the home. Circulating air from the loft into the rest of the house gently raises the pressure, forcing damp, stale air out of the home through vents and gaps.

Who Invented Positive Input Ventilation and why?

Invented by Nuaire in the 1970s, this enduring ventilation strategy has since become an industry staple. Nuaire’s market-leading Drimaster-Eco Positive Input Ventilation, or PIV, range is trusted by Social Housing providers, New Build developers, and and Private Landlords as a cost-effective, whole-house system that prevents condensation and black mould from damaging homes and the health of occupants.