Nuaire Drimaster Eco Heat Positive Input Ventilation Unit With Integral 400W Heater

£450.00 Inc vat

  • Compatible with Drimaster ECO LINK only
  • Control from any room in your home
  • Boost lasts for 2 hours the returns to normal speed
  • Only one wireless speed control unit can be used per unit.
  • Can be used in conjunction with Humidity Sensor (NUADRI-ECO-RH) and/or CO2 Sensor (NUADRI-ECO-CO2)


Nuaire Drimaster Eco Heat – Condensation Solving Loft Unit

How to install your Drimaster unit

  • 1. To install the diffuser, cut out a section of the ceiling in the central position of your landing hallway. If possible, at least 1m away from a smoke alarm or CO2 monitor.
  • 2. In the loft cavity, mark the centre point between two joists, and drill a hole in the centre point.
  • 3. Using the diffuser template provided, line up the centre point, and mark out the section to be cut out of the ceiling.
  • 4. Cut out the section of ceiling ready for the diffuser, then fit the diffuser into the hole, and secure with the screws and plasterboard plugs provided.
  • 5. Once the diffuser is secured, fit the ducting over the heater and over the screws, then attach the supplied cable tie below the screws to secure the duct to the heater.
  • 6. Connect the data cable to the diffuser interface panel, then the heater to the diffuser.
  • 7. Attach the ducting to the fan, and secure using a cable tie.
  • 8. Fix a screw to a convenient joist near the diffuser. If possible, suspending the unit approx 2/3 of the loft height to capitalise on solar gain, making sure the duct is not overstretched.
  • 9. Ensure that the filters are fitted securely.
  • 10. When the unit is in position, connect the data cable from the heater to the unit, then the heater mains cable back to the unit.
  • 11. Ensure there is a minimum of 50mm between the heat power and data cable.
  • 12. Before connection the Drimaster eco to the phase connection unit, check that supply voltage is correct. Isolate at the mains before connecting the Drimaster to the fuse connection unit. Then re-instate the power supply.
  • Running costs between 5 and 10p per day dependent on electrical supplier and heating and speed setting.

At PIV Direct we are a ‘Tier 1’ Nuaire distributor. All Nuaire Products supplied by PIV Direct are genuine Nuaire stock and come with a full Nuaire warranty effective from the date of delivery. Any questions? Please contact us!


Nuaire Drimaster Hung Loft Units

The unique DRI-ECO-HEAT-HC incorporates all of the functions of our DRI-ECO-LINK-HC unit but with the benefit of an integral heating element, located between the flexible duct and ceiling diffuser.

This heating component will temper the air which is distributed through the property via the ceiling diffuser, thus ensuring a comfortable living environment. This pioneering design sees the low watt heater (400w) react efficiently and effectively, guaranteeing an economically friendly product.

A temperature sensor on the outside of the unit monitors and controls the heater output to maintain the set point. The set point ranges from 5° to 15° and can be adjusted from the ceiling diffuser. If the temperature at the heater outlet is above the set point, the heater will not activate.


Please note, it is not possible to retro-fit a heater to other Drimaster Eco models.

The DRIMASTER-ECO range provides whole home ventilation using the Positive Input Ventilation principle, which introduces fresh filtered air into the dwelling at a continuous rate, encouraging movement of air from inside to outside.


It has become the UK’s most popular alternative method of low energy, cost-effective ventilation!

Invented by Nuaire and installed in thousands of dwellings each year, PIV can be a more cost-effective and simple to install ventilation solution, whilst still meeting building regulations.


The filtered air gently pressurises the home from inside out, forcing out the stale air.

Clean, fresh air is continuously drawn in through the lofts natural leakage points, passed through the filters and fed into the property via a central hallway diffuser.

Nuaire Drimaster PIV


Always get a qualified electrician for fitting the unit!

The unit is supplied with a pre-wired power supply. This power supply unit has a metal bracket incorporating fixing holes, which should be used to fit the power supply to a suitable surface, e.g. a wooden joist.

(Please note, brackets to mount the Drimaster to wooden loft beams are not included.)

The fan unit is also supplied with a fused spur. The 3 core mains cable from the power supply should be connected to a fixed wiring installation, via the isolator, via the spur, in accordance with current IEE wiring regulations.


7 Year Warrany Nuaire Drimaster ECONuaire Drimaster Made In UK




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