Noxmaster Heat Piv Unit by Nuaire Hall Controlled with Powerful Pm 2.5 Filtration

£1,638.00 Inc vat

  • Whole home ventilation unit with heating element and powerful pm2.5 carbon filters
  • Removes up to 99.5% of Nitrogen dioxide and other pollutants
  • Replaces stale air with filtered fresh air, removing condensation and mould spores
  • Low running cost (approx. 1p per day)
  • Simple, fast installation and low maintenance


Noxmaster PIV unit by Nuaire

The Noxmaster is Nuaire’s latest PIV (or positive input ventilation) unit, combining the benefits of whole-house ventilation technology with powerful carbon filters, bringing you the freshest air with up to 99.5% of Nitrogen dioxide and other harmful chemicals removed.

The unit is easily installed in most loft cavities and is the first of its kind to be able to be retrofit into a home. This gives you the benefits of the MVHR (or multi vent heat recovery) units usually reserved for new builds in your own home.

A powerful carbon filter removes PM2.5 pollutants from entering your home. These are particles with a diameter less than 2.5 micrometres, which is about 3% of the diameter of a human hair.
Filters as powerful as these remove particles from motor vehicles, residual wood burning, power plants and other sources of toxic fumes, ensuring your home is filled with the cleanest air possible in urban environments.

A stylish, aesthetically pleasing diffuser allows the powerful but quiet unit in the loft to transform the air quality of your home whilst blending seamlessly into the surrounding décor.

The units innovative energy-saving techniques include: Detecting the most efficient source of fresh air, either from within the loft cavity itself in colder months, or from outside in the summer (depending on the temperature the units temperature gauge records), and the timer module re-routing the fresh air past the carbon filters during the quieter times of operation to prolong their lifetime.

Suitable for:

  • Most homes with loft cavities
  • Older homes with ventilation, condensation or mould issues
  • Homes near busy roads with high pollution levels

Features and benefits:

  • PIV and carbon filtration systems combined using technology unique to Nuaire
  • Condensation, humidity, damp and mould alleviated by PIV principle
  • Indoor air quality significantly improved by carbon filtration.
  • Enhanced home security as windows can be kept closed, discouraging pollutants from being able to enter the home at the same time
  • Positive input ventilation technology may help both allergy and asthma sufferers due to lower pollen and pollutants entering the home.
  • Fully adjustable thermostat allows for complete control and comfort
  • Minimally invasive and aesthetically pleasing ceiling diffuser blends into home décor
  • Inbuilt temperature gauges intelligently decide where fresh air is drawn from, either from within the loft cavity or outside depending on temperatures recorded. Outside in the summer if the air is cooler, and inside during the winter if it is warmer.
  • PIV is a remedial measure in controlling Radon gas, as evidenced by the BRE
  • Very low maintenance with carbon filter life expected at around five years

What is different about the Noxmaster?

The Noxmaster has all the renowned benefits of a Nuaire PIV unit, but with added carbon filtration systems to remove up to 99.5% of Nitrogen dioxide and other harmful pollutants.

Standard heat recovery units may have carbon filters added to them, but they do not possess the power to draw in fresh filtered air and then force out the stale air of a whole property.

Several heat recovery units positioned throughout the home would be required to perform the same amount of air filtration and movement of this one unit. This would require a great deal of effort and several holes being drilled through the walls of the property.

Is it energy efficient?

Energy-saving concepts have been utilised to make the Noxmaster as environmentally friendly as possible. For example, limiting the “boost” function to the most typically busy parts of the day (8 am to 6 pm), the remainder of the time the unit works on a significantly lowered energy consumption, and making use of a concept known as “Solar gain”.

Solar gain utilises the inbuilt temperature gauges to detect whether it is more efficient to make use of air from the outside if it is cooler than the air within the loft cavity in summer months and to make use of the already warm air from the loft cavity in the winter months.

There is an option for a heating element to be added to the Noxmaster to take the chill off any air drawn in from the loft cavity during particularly cold winter months.

How is the Noxmaster installed?

Nuaire has specifically designed the Noxmaster to be able to be retrofit into the loft cavity of most homes. The units come in two parts so that they are easily passed through most loft hatches.

Once lifted into the loft, they are positioned and simply linked together. You then only need to attach the diffuser to the unit using the flexible hose after positioning and securing the diffuser.

The Noxmaster requires only one discreet aperture to be cut in the landing ceiling of a property to allow maximum air displacement through the entire property, massively reducing installation time and disruption to your home or property.
It would typically take two installers half a day to install the unit.

What about maintenance?

Maintenance to the Noxmaster is very rarely required, but should the unit need to be investigated, it has been designed to make this as simple as possible, and has several openings so that each part of the unit can be easily accessed. It is recommended that you leave at least 320mm of space above the unit free in case of the need for inspection.

How is it Delivered?

We always deliver our products as safely and quickly as possible.
The unit is delivered to your home but will require a minimum of two people to be on-site to assist and offload from the delivery lorry due to the size of the product and its packaging.
If there are no persons on-site to assist with the offloading, the unit will have to be returned to our warehouse and a delivery charge would still be incurred.


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